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Learn more about Leila’s philosophy and coaching style. Alignment is about taking actions now that align your values and help you achieve your longterm goals.
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The Heart of Alignment

Leila Hock began Alignment Coaching while pursuing a successful legal career and teaching yoga on the side to drive her spirit. During her eight years as an attorney, she watched her colleagues, clients and friends move through life without a clear direction. They passively took work given to them and accepted any promotion or position change thrust upon them. Watching others live such uninspired and reactive lives made Leila wonder – how can they expect to move forward with no clear direction or plan?!


As Leila made her way through two positions that many lawyers would call dream jobs, she saw that she was falling into the same trap. She realized that being an attorney didn’t take advantage of her greatest strengths or get her closer to the life she wanted to live. Supporting her clients achieve outcomes that were deeply meaningful to them brought her the most fulfillment as an attorney. So, she signed up to complete her coaching certification with iPEC in 2014 and has been coaching ever since. Sidestepping from the role of counsel to coach, Leila now finds tremendous enjoyment helping her clients take charge of their corporate journey in a way that supports the life and future they want as they become more engaged in their work and fulfilled in life.


Leila has a degree in Political Economy from Tulane University and a law degree from Northwestern University. After a year and a half in a large law firm in Chicago, she worked as an in-house attorney at Kraft Foods. When the call of the mountains hit her and her husband, Alex, they moved to Denver, where Leila worked in-house for a privately-held, billion dollar energy company as their sole US attorney. Leila, Alex and their dog Tonka now live their dream life with fulfilling careers during the week and plenty of outdoor time in the mountains with friends on weekends. In addition to her coaching practice, Leila also teaches yoga at YogaPod in Lodo in Denver.


Leila’s natural curiosity and eye for problem-solving stuck with her throughout her experience in three very different work environments. This combination gave her the opportunity to discern what makes people and companies work best. The true secret she has observed is – you guessed it – alignment! It’s not only about work-life balance or living your passion. For individuals to be at their best, their tasks and goals must be aligned with their values and who they are. For companies and teams to be at their best, their employees and team members must be truly aligned with the purpose of the company, direction of the project or goals of the team.

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