An illuminating assessment for when you’re not sure what’s holding you back.

  • Are you working hard and doing everything that used to work to get you ahead and out of a rut, but unable to shake your funk?
  • It’s time to shine a light! The Strategy Spotlight will show you exactly what’s holding you back now and how to get ahead.


Private coaching for when you love your job and want to get ahead.

  • You’re killing it at work, but don’t seem to get noticed. You used to know what you were working for, but now the vision is hazy.
  • Putting your head down and doing the work won’t get you where you want to be. Explore how Career Strategy Coaching works and what it can do for you.


Private coaching for when you know you need a change, but aren’t sure what.

  • All you know is that what you’re doing now isn’t working and you need a big change. When you need a shift but don’t want to throw away everything you’ve achieved so far.
  • Career Direction Coaching will help you identify how to make the right change so you’re not starting from square one.
“Leila was supportive, inspiring and critical to my developing insight into the reasons I do things and my perceptions. She helped me isolate the reasons for frustration and stagnation in my life and career and gave me simple and effective strategies to change behaviors that weren’t working for me or to stop myself from viewing issues and life from only one perspective. Her style is interactive, supportive but tough. She has invaluable critical insight and feedback. If you are stuck, she will move you.”


SHANNON C.Senior Counsel

“I was so paralyzed by fear of making a move in the wrong direction that I made no move at all. After hearing Leila speak about her coaching methodology and touching on how many people come to the same turning point in their careers that I was currently experiencing, I knew it was exactly the type of coaching that I needed.”

Operations Manager