Alignment Coaching | Corporate Workshops | Employee Coaching
Re-energize employees through workshops and coaching. Increase engagement by offering workshops and coaching to support.
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How We Work Together

Whether you know you have a great team and can’t figure out why they aren’t living up to their full potential, or you know you need to make some changes, but want to take some internal strides first, Alignment Coaching can help you! Leila will sit down with you and your organization’s leaders to assess what your strengths and core values as a company are and where your team is out of alignment. From there, we will determine what approach is best for your solution – whether that’s leading a workshop to drive a keystone habit that will support other areas for you or investing some time for individual coaching for you or your team, Alignment Coaching can help!


Alignment Coaching understands the value of getting your team together and getting everyone to speak the same language. With workshops on communication, teamwork, leadership and management, Alignment Coaching has all of the resource you need to stimulate your team into action that will drive productivity and success. Combine workshops with coaching for maximum effect.

Coaching (Group or Individual)

Alignment Coaching knows you want to set your all of your employees up for success. Whether you have high- performing individuals transitioning to a new role, have been through a reduction in force and want to support those employees on their new endeavors or are just looking to stoke the fire for some of your employees, Alignment Coaching can help! Leila works with individuals to successfully transition or embrace their career and wake up their desire to engage in their daily tasks.